First There Was: “Cleansed Body, Mind and Life” Then Came:”Motive. Inspire. Empower.” 

NOW: #DesignDreamLive

“I believe everyone deserves to DESIGN their life, DREAM outrageously, and LIVE the life of their dreams. I BELIEVE in YOU!” ~Mary Black

As our lives and business has grown, so has this website. In the beginning it was about “Cleanse your body to open your mind to a dream-filled life”, which was an explanation of what our products do. What it meant was as we cleanse the impurities out of our bodies; sugar, processed foods, toxins and other garbage that clogs our bodies, it also clears our heads and for the first time in many years, people have mental clarity that they forgot they had! We’ve been ingesting so much junk and nutritionally bankrupt food, that it’s no wonder we all feel like we are like the “Walking Dead”! Once we get the garbage out and get the nutrients back in our bodies with our brains start functioning again. Once the brain starts functioning it once again can be opened up to possibility of being able to not just “get through” the day, but actually enjoy it!


When you cleanse the toxins out of your body, it also makes you aware of the toxic life you may be leading…your friends, your job, your extra curricular activities (do you spend a lot of time on the drinking side of a bar?), even your family. Yes, family can sometimes be the most toxic thing in your life. If you live with or near them, do you wish they would just “go away” sometimes? If you don’t live near them, do you dread going to see them or them coming for a visit? How about your job? Do you jump out of bed every day excited to go to work? If so, be sure to be grateful for it every day. Or are you like me who dreaded getting out of bed Monday through Friday because it meant I had to go to work, enjoyed Saturday and then stressed again on Sunday because you knew you had to go back to work on Monday? (Actually I didn’t dread getting up, I loved it, but as soon as I walked into the office, I could feel the life being sucked right out of me for 8 hours!). These are toxic people and situations and they take a toll on you, both mentally and physically. This is my personal 22 month transformation.

10345748_10204165122196464_2202388942575095260_nThe photo on the left was taken the day I had braces put on in March of 2012 and I was working THAT job. The photo on the right was taken in January of 2014, 15 months AFTER I left THAT job. The stress was taking it’s toll on my outward appearance, imagine what it was doing internally!

This growth had led us to what we believe is a vision and to do more with the people whose lives we touch. Our goal is to get you MOTIVATEd to get off the couch and get moving and to start making healthier nutrition decisions. Our hope is you will take this motivation, which usually is temporary, to the next level where you will be INSPIREd to make the changes into a lifestyle that is sustainable for you. Once your lifestyle changes, you can become EMPOWERed  and no longer need someone else to motivate you, you motivate yourself. When that happens, your empowerment in turn motivates others, which then inspires them to make a change and they become empowered…you get the picture. It’s like paying it forward on a larger scale.


Part of this is to inspire others to not feel “trapped”…be it in a body that they hate, a relationship that is unhealthy, or like I was, in a job that stresses them out so much that they turn to unhealthy things to cope. For some, it’s alcohol, others drugs and many times, it’s food. While I was fortunate to have the gym as my outlet the last few years, the job that I told Mark at one point “I hate with every fiber of my being”, was coming close to splitting us apart. I was not fun to be around…I either would keep everything to myself  and try to hide how I was feeling (I don’t have a very good poker face) or fly off the handle. The latter was usually the result of the former. You DO NOT have to live like that. Thankfully I have a husband that knew I was unhappy and helped me work through getting out of that situation. The best part of what we do is watching them become the person they never thought they could become.

“I believe everyone deserves to DESIGN their life, DREAM outrageously, and LIVE the life of their dreams.” ~Mary Black

Blog articles will be just as random as they are now…observations and opinions (take them for what they are worth), and or great articles read about fitness, nutrition or personal development. Might even be things we’ve learned along the way, whether it be what went right or more importantly what went wrong. We use to live our lives learning the same lesson over and over. It has taken us a long time for us to get to this place. Our hope is to help you so it won’t take you as long.