I’ve had the title of this blog post floating around in my head for a while and I am finally getting around getting it typed out. In August of 2011 I was at the annual company convention where I first heard Susan Sly speak. If you don’t know who Susan Sly is, she is an amazing woman. Ten years ago, her and her husband were about to file bankruptcy and she had been recently diagnosed with MS and was told within five years she would be in a wheelchair. Susan, a very active, vibrant woman was not about to let her circumstances rule her life, took her health into her own hands by being proactive with what she was putting into her body, removing any fast, junk and processed foods from her diet, cleansed her body regularly, and exercises continually. 10 years later this woman is STILL running marathons…no wheelchair for her! She and her husband also took the financial health for their family into their own hands, creating a residual income that CFO’s of Fortune 500 companies would be envious of. She also is a motivational speaker and author with a mission of empowering women. If that isn’t enough to tire you out, she is also the mother of four children, who is a work-at-home mom without a nanny! She and Chris just recently became the guardians of a teenage girl from Kenya and are in the processing of adopting her. This woman is amazing…now back to the yoga pants.

When Susan spoke at that event, she told the audience that while she may look all glamorous up on stage in a dress shirt, skirt, blazer and heels, but her life back home in Canada is the opposite. She said she spends most of her days working in her home office, in Yoga pants, sometimes showered, sometimes not, but it didn’t matter. At the time I was living a miserable work life, in a desk job that I detested (if it wasn’t for the people I worked with I don’t think I would have survived). I had to get up every day uber-early, get dressed up to go to work (thankfully our office was very casual, nice jeans were the norm, but wore dresses a lot) do work that was uninspiring. At that event, I wrote down as a goal “LIVE MY LIFE IN YOGA PANTS”.

It’s been a year and a half since that event and I came across my notes from it recently. I smiled and got a little tear in my eye when I realized I AM now living my life in yoga pants. I took a HUGE leap of faith five months ago and left that job and clothes behind. I’ve been living in yoga pants between working myself out and teaching fitness classes five days a week. I’ve gone so far into living life in yoga pants, that last week I put on a pair of jeans to go somewhere and I took them back off because they were too uncomfortable…my Lululemon WunderUnders are my new “dress pants”.

What goes along living in more comfortable clothes, is being more comfortable with life. My life no longer depends upon the paycheck I get from my employer, it depends upon the effort that I put into my economy. No one to tell me what I have to do, when I have to do it, or how I have to do it. Damn is THAT nice. Don’t get me wrong, this life is not easy, my days now are longer than when I was working, but it is worth it. Helping others reach their potential whether it be in fitness, body image, or most importantly empowering their minds is worth every long day I have sitting at my computer or on my phone. That is my life in yoga pants…anyone want to join me?

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