Did you know??

80% of our immune system is in our intestines which is why it is so important to keep it running at optimal level…. It is called our “second brain”, hence the expression “I had a gut feeling”, it’s a very real thing and the reason we need to keep it clean with probiotics. I always follow my gut feelings and am always on the money with it. When people feel “foggy” it’s usually because they can’t think straight with a sluggish, dirty intestine. It is really scientific, you have neurons in your gut that transmit signals to react, it isn’t a conscious reaction like when you make up your mind about something; your brain can process thoughts and put them together to form sentences, your gut does things instinctively, keeping it clean and healthy allows your instincts to show through. It can remove anxiety, stress, depression and reaction time.

I have learned a TON from reading, researching…arm yourself with knowledge. (that’s called empowering yourself).

The human body is an amazing thing! Its your temple, you are given one – there are no do-overs. Take care of it now and it will serve you and thank you for a very long time!

~Angelike Norrie

Are you ready to cleanse on a cellular level that boosts your immune system? (Oh and it is NOT a colon cleanse…)

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