Do some extra research before putting off the shelf vitamins in your body. “Nature Made” is anything but. Find a reputable truly, ALL NATURAL supplement company. Yes I believe we have the best, but if you don’t purchase through us, you can buy others that are also good. Go to the health food stores, natural practitioners (chiropractors, holistic clinics, etc.) to get them.

Last year I was talking to a high school friend of mine, who had one of the “coolest” moms in school. She was fit, vibrant and kind of a health nut. He said that she took her certain “everyday” vitamin that she bought of the shelf of her favorite big box retailer for years, thinking she was doing the right thing. Now that she is in her 70′s, she is suffering from an autoimmune disorder that her doctors can only link to the vitamins, which had mainly synthetic ingredients. This formerly vibrant woman has slowed down some because of her age, but more so because of achy joints and this disorder that has her in pain most of the time.

GMO’s and sythetic ingredients are NOT natural. They are chemicals made in a lab that have the same properties as your truly natural vitamins, but they are not recognized by the body. In many cases, a person’s body sees this chemical and reacts to it as if it were a toxin and their immune system goes into overdrive, which after years of ingesting this “toxin” can weaken the immune system and like my friends mom, make you sick: the exact opposite of what you thought you were doing by supplementing in the first place!

Many people don’t believe supplementation can make a difference in their overall health, energy, athletic performance, etc. because they have bought this stuff that doesn’t do anything because its synthetic. Buy the products that DO come from nature, and yes they cost more, but you will notice a huge difference.

motivate. inspire. empower.

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