Want to get back into the game of life? Join our 30 Day Nutrition launch with 11-Day Fast Start and you will be back in no time at all!

BY REQUEST: We’ve had such great success with people all over the country joining in our last two Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems with 11-Day Fast Start Cleanses (don’t worry, it’s not a bathroom cleanse if you get the drift…) that we will be leading another one beginning Friday, May 3rd!

We’ve had the following results from our GRAND MARAIS local people in the last month, without working out!

~ “Five pounds lost and looser fitting pants”
~ “NINE pounds lost and abs are starting to show!”
~”My diet Coke habit was kicked in four days” (this girl was drinking 8-10 a day!!!!)
~”I need a belt for my “Skinny jeans”. (and she’s in just into her 3rd week!).

This is the END of the crappy weather and shorts and swimsuits will be unpacked soon! Sooo…we will start again next Friday, May 3rd! Get your orders placed NOW to get your products by next week!

LOCALS: Anyone who joins us and orders our Basic System will get the month of May free at the gym!!! (Current gym members, we won’t charge you for May and non-members get the month of May FREE!).

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