Is your special day fast approaching? Have you been so busy planning the event that you haven’t been taking care of yourself? We can help. Get the body of your dreams for the day of your dreams…and beyond!

Would you like to drop a dress size, a few pounds, 5-10-20 lbs. or more? We have a solution for each goal.

How do our products work? We create the healthiest, most beautiful you from the inside out. We remove impurities and replenish the body with superfoods and antioxidants which helps you cope better with the stress that comes along with wedding planning and makes your skin and body radiate!

What makes our products different? Our products carry a no-compromise policy of having the highest quality earth-based ingredients, absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, organic when it can be certified products. We also cleanse the body on the cellular level (NOT a colon cleanse), which rids the body of impurites and if needed, releases bodyfat with the toxins. While others claim “drink a shake and lose weight” our goal is to get the body back into a more alkaline balance through cleansing and replenishing it with superfoods and antioxidants that are a compliment to our clean eating nutrition plan. All these factors will create the best, leanest most radiant you for your special day.

We also have a solution to help you pay for your honeymoon. 

For more information, contact Mary at 218-370-9063. We’ve helped on newlywed SHED OVER 40 INCHES from her body in FOUR WEEKS!

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