Yesterday I received a message from a former real estate client of mine. “Janet” and her husband were buyers I worked with in my real estate selling days 10+ years ago who I reconnected with via Facebook. Janet contacted on the advice of her husband to ask about what Mark and I thought about certain pre-workout drinks that her late-teen son wanted to take because all his friends were. That is NOT what this article is about.

After a long back and forth message between myself and Janet of what I thought about them and what he really needs, she sent me this message:

Also, I wanted to says thanks to you for helping me to lose 13 lbs that you have no idea about. Last November you were posting a bunch of articles on artificial sweeteners in diet soda and the effects on the body. As a six can a day drinker of Diet Coke and NEVER drank a drop of water, I gave it up just like that and started drinking plain water. Didn’t do anything else and dropped 13 lbs just like that! Just wanted u to know you are helping people and u don’t even know it!

Needless to say, I was surprised to get that message and so grateful that people are empowering themselves to make positive changes in their health!

Cancer, depression, weight GAIN, anxiety and autoimmune disorder symptoms have been linked to too much artificial sweetener consumption. Here is a link to a short article from Prevention Magazine on the “7 Gross Side Effects of Diet Soda“.

I have to come clean and admit that at one time I was a diet Coke addict. It has been MANY years, but my senior year in high school I had a case of diet Coke in the bottom of my locker and I would grab a new can in-between every class…no ice, drank the stuff warm! Bleh. Just after graduation I weaned myself off of having so many a day and started to substitute coffee in the morning and having a can or two a day. A couple years ago I, like Janet, switched out all diet Coke for water. Now do I have NEVER have one…no, but it is on a rare occasion. If I feel like having one, I do. What I don’t do is grab one when I’m thirsty or drink it all throughout the day. I can honestly say I probably have one or two every couple of months, if that. Every once in a while, I admit that nothing tastes better to me than a diet Coke with a big old burger and fries!

With processed anything, I teach my clients to have anything like this in moderation. If you are drinking it to save on calories, nothing is better for your body to save on calories than water. Good old filtered, plain WATER. Look what it did for my friend “Janet”!

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