I saw this photo on Facebook¬† and while I have heard the statistics many times before, it really struck me last night. Maybe because I’m a visual learner and the graphic of having a baby in the photo made it really make me stop and think about it all…and it sank in.

I’m 47 years old, and when I was a kid 40 years ago, we didn’t have all this disease. What has changed? The answer, our diets. We as a society need to take a look at what the food industry is doing to our health and that of our children! Processed foods, Genetically Modified Foods/organisms (GMO’s) are a very real health threat. While having an occasional burger and fries from McDonald’s or Kraft Macaroni and Cheese shouldn’t kill you, continued diets high in these food could. If you get the chance, rent or buy the movie Super-Size Me. It is about a gentleman who takes a month where he eats McDonald’s for all three meals a day. What happens to his health is ALARMING. He had three doctors monitor his progress and one begged him to stop about halfway through the month. ¬†

I urge you to educate yourself on what you are eating. READ labels, turn that box of Mac and Cheese over and Google some of the ingredients. you may be alarmed at what you find. You may say that it’s cheaper to eat that way and too expensive to eat healthy. Well, you can either pay for the right groceries now, or pay the hospital later. I’ll pay now so I can continue to “age youthfully”, and do all I can to hopefully prevent disease later. I did enough damage to my body in my 20′s, 30′s and early-40′s. I have a lot to make up for.

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