Yes I know, unless you are Spiderman you probably cannot “sit” on a wall, but you can sit against one and get one helluva quadriceps (the front of the thigh) burning workout! This do-anywhere exercise also works the adductors of the hip as well as the hamstrings (back of upper legs) and a little bit of your calves. These are a great “timed” exercise to see how long you can hold the position. Click here for a link to an article on muscles worked and tips.

These can also be modified for advanced fitness buffs by adding static weight, doing bicep curls or military presses while you are “sitting”. If you have a really rough wall (like we do at the gym) you can use an exercise ball or towel. You can really make it a challenge by once in position, lift one foot off the floor and extend leg until it’s parallel with the floor, hold for time and switch legs. 

This week’s challenge: Do three sets of 1-minute holds with 1-2 minutes in-between, 3 times in the next week. Share with your friends, and take the wall-sit challenge! 

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