This week’s exercise challenge will have you channeling your inner yogi. The plank to downward dog exercise is a GREAT shoulder strengthener and is one of the staples in my on-line fitness plans*. They are great because they use only your bodyweight, can be done anywhere and most women (who are currently all of my on-line clients) need to work on strengthening their upper bodies. As a major bonus for us girls, as your shoulders widen, the WAIST LOOKS THINNER!!! (Click here for a YouTube video showing how to do the exercise).

This exercise can be done in low plank (like the photo above, resting on your forearms) or high plank (plank on your hands, see video).

THIS WEEKS CHALLENGE: Do three sets of 10 repetitions with a minute rest in-between, three times this week. Just be sure to take a day off in-between to give your shoulders a chance to rest!

Tell me how you do!

*If you’d like more information on my on-line fitness plans, contact me at

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