And I thought after the first recording it was going to be easier! Um no, but I did it anyway. Doing things anyway when things are uncomfortable is what successful people do. Athletes push their bodies beyond what the average person would think is uncomfortable. Business people take a leap of faith when others wouldn’t, etc. Today I talk a little about the mission of what has now become the “Live Out Loud – Find Your Passion Project”. I created a community on Facebook to hang out with like-minded, positive, upbeat individuals who will encourage you to find your passion. Check us out at Live Out Loud – Find Your Passion Project.

I am also lining up people to interview who are currently living their passion. Ordinary people, like you and me. I may need to find a different venue to upload the audio as WordPress limits the size of the file and today’s 11 minute recording had to be downsized to make the cut. So far I’ve asked two of my favorite women in my life to join me and both have said “yes”! As I learn more about this audio/tech stuff, I’ll scheduled their interviews as I KNOW we’ll be talking longer than the 10 minutes I’m able to upload here! lol

Have a Live Out Loud weekend and if you’d like to listen in click on the following link: Live Out Loud: If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me.

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