Today is the day I take the giant leap out of my comfort zone, past the uncomfortable zone into the UNKNOWN zone. For the last two years, I’ve had a dream and the little voice inside my head kept telling me “you’re not good enough, smart enough, wise enough…blah, blah, blah. (You have one of those too?). Last weekend, I told that little voice to “SHUT UP” and be quiet and took it over and told myself  ”I can, I will, I AM” and let my heart speak. When I did, Live Out Loud was awakened. 

What is Live Out Loud? To me living out loud means living YOUR dream, your passion, your why. Getting out of the safe/comfortable way of being (that’s not really living folks) and as they say squeezing the juice out of life. We have been conditioned to be “realistic”…our parents can’t help it as they had parents that raised them during the depression (my mom was born in the middle of it). But we don’t have to live that way. 

Living out loud is getting out of your comfort zone into the uncomfortable zone and when you’re ready, the UNKNOWN zone. The “UN”-zones, is where passion and purpose take over your life. Below is my first recording of “Live Out Loud”, my weekly audio “show” where I will be talking about what it means for me and interviewing others who are Living Out Loud. Those who are living in their passion and squeezing the juice out of their lives in the hopes that you will have YOUR passion unlocked and you can Live your life OUT LOUD.

As mentioned earlier, when I push the “publish” button for this article I will be LEAPING into the unknown zone for me. Once I do, there is NO turning back. When you are ready to take the same leap, I’m here to help you. Here we go….Live Out Loud: Take 1: 9_19_2013 10_57 AM 

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