Warning: This is going to be a post with a lot of capital letter “shouting”.  Why? This past weekend I attended an AMAZING event with one of the best trainers in the personal development profession. David Wood is a master trainer and his story is “the” American dream (even though he is from England and now lives in Canada!), leaving school in the 8th grade! I won’t get into his whole story as you can read it here on his website.

I first heard David speak two years ago at my first company training event and I was blown away. At the time I felt trapped in a job that was literally sucking out my soul on so many levels. The three other women that I traveled to Kansas City with and I talked a LOT on our long drive about our previous jobs and what I came to realize on Sunday, one year to the day that I walked out of the my office for the last time as an employee, was that not only was the dynamic of the job itself fighting who I am, it also required being a statistical and numbers person which is not something that interests me. All of this went completely against my personality type.

What has my personal development taught me that I hope I can share with you in this blog post and that you will “get” by only reading and not hearing the passion in my voice is:

Here is where the “shouting” in capital letters starts. LIFE is meant to be LIVED, NOT to be working for a living. When I “got” this at training two years ago, I was taken over by emotion. David was teaching a room of about 400 hundred of this concept, a concept that seemed so foreign to me as I felt so trapped. He gave us permission to DREAM AND DREAM BIG! SCREW living a comfortable life. What the hell is THAT anyway? Being able to pay the bills and have a little left over? How about having enough money to not have ANY bills other than utilities?

This three-day weekend training was ALL about our minds and how to get over ourselves and (pardon the French) the shit the little voice inside our head tells us that we CAN’T be, do, have. How about tell that little voice to SHUT THE HELL UP and do what it takes to dream! Give yourself PERMISSION to live YOUR dream and BELIEVE YOU deserve it! Because, guess what YOU DO!!! You were born dreaming. Remember when you were a little kid and you wanted to be an astronaut, or a veterinarian or a doctor, nurse, teacher, etc.? No? That’s because of all the freakin’ dream stealers out there! They are so quick to tell you that you are stupid, silly, dumb…whatever the hell they really are, for wanting to dream. Why? Because they are afraid you are going to leave them behind. Here is some advice: If they don’t support you….LEAVE THEM BEHIND! YOU have greatness within you, you were born with a light and all the years growing up your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, clergy, employers, etc. etc. etc. have dulled your shine. TURN UP THE DIMMER!!! That little voice inside YOUR head, is THEIR words, NOT YOURS!!!! TELL IT TO SHUT THE HELL UP! Get out of your HEAD and get INTO YOUR HEART!

Since that day in June of 2011, I thought to myself, I want to do that; inspire others on stage like David did in that room two years ago. For the last two years that stupid voice inside my head told me that I was crazy for wanting that, that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, inspiring enough. This weekend I told that little voice to SHUT THE HELL UP and I AM moving forward with my coaching goals and will a master trainer within the next 5-7 years. In the meantime, I am opening up my motivational coaching to EVERYONE. So if YOU are ready to LIVE life OUT LOUD, or as David and his fiance Jen call it a “Kickass Life“, then contact me to get you started. YOU DESERVE it. Stop fitting what you love in the pockets of your time around your work and start LOVING YOUR LIFE EVERY DAY!!!


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