Sorry I missed posting yesterday, I was SO tired from getting up at 3:45 a.m. on Wednesday to make a business meeting in Duluth at 8:00 that I could NOT peel my sorry butt out of bed! I was wondering to myself all day yesterday how in the world I used to get up at that unGodly hour EVERY workday to get my workout in before work? WOW!

This week’s exercise a great core AND upper body exercise. The High Plank to Low Plank is one of my favorite “hated” exercises. This YouTube video by Fitness Together does a fantastic job demonstrating how to do them both for the beginner/intermediate fitness person and the advanced! (Click on the photo above for a larger version to see how it’s done…).

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Do three sets of 10 – 20 “up downs” (that is either 5 or 10 on each arm) THREE times this week. Rest 60 seconds in-between sets. As with all the exercise challenges, be sure to take at least a day off in-between to give your muscles a chance to recover!

On my way back from my appointment in Duluth, I started to think about a few things and decided to record them and thought about using it as the Live Out Loud audio for the week. Well, I started out with a certain idea of what I would talk about and ended up jumping around a bit and thought about re-recording and decided against it. What I was saying was coming completely from my heart and that is what Living Out Loud is all about! So, linked below is Episode 3 of the Live Out Loud audio series. Live Out Loud – Find Your Passsion: Episode 3 

If you are a Facebook fan, please head over to the Live Out Loud – Find Your Passion Project Community page, “like” us and share the project! I’d love to hear how you are living YOUR life out loud!!!

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