With many of my friends posting photos of themselves pheasant and grouse hunting, I thought I would make this week’s exercise challenge fit in! Bird dogs are a great low back strengthener along with working the butt and hips. Who doesn’t want to have a nice looking backside? As I say, “gotta look good walking away!

The photo illustration has a great idea of adding a water bottle to your back to make sure you keep it straight while doing the exercise and starting out on all fours. While engaging your abs/core, lift your left arm straight in front of you and right leg straight back behind you. Hold for a count of 2 while squeezing the glutes (your butt muscles) before returning to all fours and switching arms and legs. Be sure to keep the abdominals tight throughout the exercise! (Click here for a detailed description from the American Council on Exercise website). 

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Do FOUR SETS of 10 REPETITIONS PER SIDE, resting 45 seconds between sets, three times this week. As always be sure to warm up with dynamic stretches or some sort of cardio before and stretch the muscles worked afterward. Take a day off in-between to also let those muscles worked rest and recover before doing the challenge again. 

Keep this exercise in your arsenal a couple times a week for the rest of your life, to strengthen your lower back and hopefully prevent low back injuries from occurring! 

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