With the cold and flu season beginning and gaining momentum, I am pulling out my little bottle of IsaImmune again. I wouldn’t have believed the benefits of this product, until I used it for myself. Last January we flew to Arizona for an event with Isagenix. As we got on the plane it seemed like half of the people on board were sniffling, coughing or sneezing.

Not wanting to get sick and miss any of the event, as soon as we were checked into the hotel, Mark and I made our trip to the Isagenix Store (how convenient…we don’t have to pack the products!) and the first thing I put in my shopping basket was IsaImmune. As soon as we checked out, I opened up the bottle and we both used it a couple times a day throughout our trip and the rest of the winter. While others around us got sick, some a couple times, both Mark and I made it through the winter unscathed! I do have to say that I did feel like I was coming down with something a couple of times during the winter and as soon as I did, I laid low for the day, made sure I was using the spray and by the next day, I was back to 100%! 

Here is the info about this amazing little spray: 

Maximize Your Immune Health

Supercharge your immune health with Isamune Plus with Zinc—scientifically formulated to help fight off “foreign invaders” in the body. Prime your system to fight against these invaders on a daily basis with Isamune Plus with Zinc. 

Isamune Plus with Zinc has been reformulated to include a variety of immune-health supporting ingredients, making it one of the most complete immune health products on the market. This new formulation combines zinc with bovine colostrum, zinc, proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), bilberry, blueberry, Echinacea, and Reishi mushroom. Together, these ingredients work synergistically to support the immune system’s ability to fight off “foreign invaders” in the body. 


- Supports a healthy immune system 
- More well days 
- Greater overall health 
- Enhanced exercise performance 
- Helps maintain reserves to guard against compromised immune system 

What is interesting, is the last couple of years we had sled dogs, we had a similar spray that we used to boost their immune system prior to races. Just like kids, when the dogs got around a bunch of other dogs, they would pick up bugs and get sick which is really a bummer when its in the middle of the race. The last two years after we started using the spray for our race team, our dogs didn’t pick up the “race bug” like most of the other teams did! First it was pro-biotics and now it’s immune spray that we used on our canine athletes before we started using ourselves!

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