I started writing today’s posts numerous times and still am struggling to get the words put together. With today being the new year, for me it’s a time to look toward the next 365 days and setting goals. 2013 was a great year of change and growth; personally, physically and locationally. What a year it has been.

The biggest change for us in 2013 was our move last week to Florida. It’s hard to believe it’s already been an week but then again it’s only been a week. What made us want to make such a drastic move? It all started with goal-setting on New Years Eve 2012. Instead of going out partying, Mark and I stayed in and wrote our goals for 2013: Physical, personal, financial, etc. I found our lists right before we moved and this is what I wrote:

The goal was to travel somewhere warm every year and park my a _ _ on a beach for a month. But after visiting our friends Bill and Laura here in Florida and the Bahamas last January for 10 days, AND coming back to Minnesota to -20 air temps with windchills in the -40′s when we were snorkeling 3 days before , we decided then and there that we wanted to move away from the cold the following winter. The wheels were set into motion and upon our return to Grand Marais we announced we would either sell or close the gym by the end of the year and be on our way south.

While we had plans to be on the road by the first week of December, the Universe had other ideas and we finally left Grand Marais on December 21st. The weather in the center of the US was really crappy so it took us an extra day of laying low in a hotel in Iowa to let it pass, but we landed at our friend’s guest house on Christmas day in time for an awesome feast with the family!

This year again, we sat at home with a glass of wine and sat down and created vision boards. At midnight we went outside, barefoot and listened to the fireworks going off in the distance. It was fun to watch Mark, who isn’t “into” this type of thing usually and doesn’t do much more with computers than check Facebook and email, ask me how to cut, paste and print pictures! The energy we had in the room with us was one of joy, happiness and love. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

This year I am not making any resolutions, just setting goals and it all starts with ME. Last year I wrote a post about having MEsolutions instead of resolutions and I am doing it again. To the left is one of my favorite quotes and one of the truest there is. I have BIG goals and BIG dreams and it is up to ME to achieve them.

I am also sharpening my focus to building my Aging Youthful business and Live Out Loud-Find Your Passion Project community. I am dropping my online training so I can focus on these two things, with the main focus on Aging Youthful. As I reflected back on the last year, I scattered my focus too much by adding too many things to my plate and as much as I love working out and helping others reach their fitness goals, my PASSION is helping others be the best they can be and it starts with following their heart. I have found that you have to stop listening to the negative voice inside your head and get it straight first.

It all starts with being happy NOW. Be happy with who, what , where you are now and you will continue to be. You cannot say “I will be happy when…..” as it all starts with you, RIGHT NOW. I urge you to join the MEsolution by going to the Live Out Loud – Find Your Passion Project community on Facebook. We are a small group so far but my vision is to grow to a group of 10,000 or more by the end of the year.

Repeat after me: If it is to be, it is up to me.

Here’s to making 2014 the year that you Live Out Loud and Find YOUR Passion!!!

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