imageYou’re probably thinking I’ve lost my mind with that statement. Bear with me and see if you still think so at the end….

Yesterday morning my day started out like every other. My alarm went off at 4:30, I got out of bed, let the dog out and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I got done, rinsed my toothbrush and as I went to put the brush back in the cup, it fumbled in my hand and a second later my toothbrush landed squarely in the toilet in “nothing but net” fashion.

I looked down at it floating dead center in the water and started to laugh and saying out loud “really???” while laughing and then I thought to myself, “at least it happened after I brushed my teeth”…seeing as though I didn’t have a spare! I went to let the dog in and headed to scroll through Facebook for a few minutes with a glass of water and posted what happened on FB. My friend Nick commented “way to find the silver lining Mary” and thought to myself, you know, he’s right. Some people would have let something like that ruin their day, but I chose to do the opposite, I chose to find humor in it.

You see, we can choose what we focus on. We can focus on everything we don’t have or everything we do. We can CHOOSE our thoughts. A great quote I read recently by Alphanse Carr: “Some people grumble roses have thorns, I am grateful thorns have roses”.

We have two choices: we can control our thoughts or let them control us. When you take control of your thoughts, you take control of your life as it will control how you see everything. Today, choose to see the good, find the silver lining. Watch how your whole day and your life changes.

Remember a toothbrush + a toilet =taking control of your life.

I believe everyone deserves to DESIGN their life, DREAM outrageously and Live their life out loud.” – Mary Black

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