Vanillapure, adjective \ˈpyu̇r\ : not mixed with anything else

Since moving to Florida, I love shopping at my local Publix grocery stores as they have a good selection of organic produce and have their own brand of fresh meats that are raised hormone and anti-biotic free. A couple weeks ago I was dismayed while looking for pure vanilla extract. I had never considered that PURE vanilla extract could have any other ingredients it until I saw on a box of another brand “no high fructose corn syrup” (HFCS). I thought to myself why on earth would they need to put that on their bottle UNLESS….yep, you guessed it; other PURE vanilla extracts, including the Publix brand, have added HFCS!

Vanilla2This just goes to prove, more than ever, that you MUST read food labels. All these added ingredients are contributing to the decline in the health in North America and yes, premature aging. I might not have the memory I once did in my younger days, but apparently the definition of “pure” has changed.

I’d love to hear from you…do you read your food labels?


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