5991This has to be the second easiest breakfast possible, only behind an awesome IsaLean shake! Tend to have a hankering for something sweet in the afternoon, have a serving of this and it could save you from heading to the vending machine…you can use this as a meal or snack anytime of day, it’s not just for breakfast! That vending machine candy bar will have just as many calories (if not more depending on ingredients in your oats) and will not be helping you reach your health goals. Recipes can vary, use trial an error but here are a few basic ways to make:

  • Use clean pint canning jars, glasses or Tupperware
  • Use equal amounts of oats and water (be sure you are using WHOLE oats…not the quick oats)
  • If using steel cut oats add more water (and it might be a bit chewy)
  • In place of water you can use milk, almond milk or other liquid (just be mindful of sugar in juices)
  • Add oats and water, then layer with a few tablespoons of greek yogurt, cut fruit and spices. Repeat
  • Place in the refrigerator overnight

It is really as simple as that! Kids love these yummy breakfasts too! If you have overnight guests, you will impress the heck out them when you serve in a beautiful wine or tumbler.

Share your favorite overnight oats recipe. We love to have folks share!

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