Tomato-Paste_ingredientsWhile researching this week’s “What’s Really In Our Food” article, I came across an article on the Straight Up Food site. Just like last week’s article on the adding of corn syrup to “Pure” vanilla extract, this week’s find is just as alarming regarding tomato paste. The author decided to turn around two cans of tomato paste; one plain one with Italian herbs. What she found was everything but!

Aside from the mysterious herbs, this can’s long list of ingredients included many items that challenge the pursuit of good health, such as: high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, hydrolyzed corn gluten, soy and wheat gluten proteins, Romano cheese, milk, and salt.

It is a sad state of our society today, but we cannot trust what is on the front of a package at the grocery store, we MUST turn the package around. It can be enlightening. As I share with those that I coach, have the bulk of your nutrition coming from single ingredient foods: lean protein, lots of vegetables, some fruit and whole grains and don’t forget to make sure you are getting your healthy fats from nuts, oils (such as organic virgin coconut and olive oil).

For a link to the full article, click here. 

If you aren’t sure how to put together meals using these ingredients, check out the Aging Youthful nutrition plans under the coaching tab. I’m here to help you reach YOUR goals. It’s not hard, sometimes you just need a little help to get you started.


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