I offer monthly fitness/workout packages. Choose between monthly packages of three 45-60 minute full body workouts that can be done at home with a small set of dumbells or custom-designed strength training plans for the woman who is already comfortable in the weight room. Both target the areas that most women are concerned with:

  • The backside…you gotta look good walking away!
  • Arms…we work on getting nice toned arms for those sleeveless dresses. No gal wants “bat wings” when she waves to her partner from afar!
  • The stomach…well, we all just DO, don’t we???

Gym or Home Functional Workout Plan*

woman-after-workout-at-homeIn our busy world today, you don’t have time to be spending hours a day in the gym. My effective whole body workouts are designed to “get you in, get you sweating, and get you out” within 45-60 minutes including warm-up and cool down. These workouts can also be done at home with a yoga mat, a set of  5-10 lb. dumbbells, and an exercise ball. You will get three functional workouts to rotate three days a week, along with a 20-30 minute cardio challenge to do 2-3 times a week on the non-workout days.

You will have at least one rest day a week where no workouts are planned. 


Custom Strength-Training Plans*

woman liftingKnow your way around the weight room but just don’t know how to make your time in there most effective? I will custom design a plan with a workout split that works with your schedule. You will also be given the monthly cardio challenge to do 2-3 times a week on your non-lifting days.

You will have at least one full rest day a week to let your muscles recover.


July Special! 1/2 PRICE

Choose Fitness Plan

*Consult with your physician before starting any exercise plan.


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